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Demand for Education and Action

Demand for Education and Action

Demand for Education and Action. 1,47,570 sq km Bangladesh has a population of about 16 million people. Sujala, Shumal in Sufla Crop To establish this country as the developed country of Bangladesh, we need to activate 32 million hands of 16 million people. Even more important is making most of the educated people of the country a skilled human resource.

Nearly half a million students from affiliated colleges of six government universities, six private universities and national universities from around the country waste their valuable time and knowledge on the various coaching centres of BCS, hoping to get government jobs after getting higher education every year in developing countries like ours. Disposal of the opportunities afforded by the taxation of the people Anantara.

Moreover, in the current modern industrial-based era where there is a chance of earning millions of rupees for the proper use of a piece of land, many universities in the country have many unused lands. Besides being able to Yim will be able to study on the job. Then the country will get skilled, working, talented students and the government will also able to earn a lot of foreign currency by utilizing these unused land and the universities will economically transparent and self-reliant.

In order to establish industrial institutions in the universities, the university administration will have to launch a shift based semester system so that the students can complete the half-day academic activities and use the rest of their time. Universities can set up industrial institutes as per their specifications or offer private and foreign companies to park different industries and research abroad.

For example, there are 2110 acres of unused land in Chittagong University where more than five factories can be established over time.

Demand for Education and Action

Since Chittagong is one of the commercial areas of Bangladesh and conveniently connect the city and it is also close to Chittagong port. Under this campus maybe a few garments and auxiliary laboratories, shopping institutes, law firm and IT firm. There may also be scientific labs and laboratories of various factories. And in these institutes, students of different disciplines who have completed the 2nd year of Key will have access to real-time knowledge and part-time jobs that will keep them free from humanitarian problems such as being addicted, frustrated and having to quit studying for economic turmoil.

Bangladesh is an agricultural dependent country whereas Bangladesh Agricultural University has 1261 acres of land, which is not fully utilize in the education centre. Unused areas may be agricultural dependent factories and laboratories where students will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge available. In the same way, the universities of science and technology can make IT and ICT dependent institutions. These institutes will create immense employment, research and hands-on research opportunities.

We will find skilled and working manpower who will highlight the name of Bangladesh abroad. It is through the proper use of soil in every inch of the country that we will achieve the dream of honourable Prime Minister, a digital developed, self-reliant Bangladesh. Universities will self-reliant on the sales revenue of the products produced in their factories and will become the government’s supporting force for the overall development of the country, and the young, talented students of our country will able to use their time in developing their own talent and development of the country. Only skilled manpower can make Bangladesh a prosperous, prosperous and happy country in the future.