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Privacy Policy

Welcome to Privacy Policy page of education and career-related website Chakri-bd24.com. It is important to have a clear set of rules for managing everything in the world. That’s why we have adopted some policies for maintaining that environment for the Chakri-bd24.com.

Please read the Privacy Policies before browsing the website. We are very much aware of our viewer’s security and give 100% protection. We will never disclose or share your personal data with others which is against our policy. Actually, it is an automatic system to keep caches of yours. Without that, we never poke our noses with your privacy. If you break our policy then we will take legal action against you with the help of your data. Otherwise, we never need such kind of job. So, please obey the rules before browsing our web.


No offensive or abusive words can be used in comments and it can be made to offend/humiliate/humiliate/harass anyone. Don’t link to a site can be provided in the comments. We shall not bear the legal or any other responsibility of comment and reserves the right to modify or amend the above policies at any time without notice.